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The SMPL sensors and pagers are a local and expandable alerting system which allow a caregiver to monitor the movements of a loved one in their own home within a range of 100-200 feet from the caregiver.  A base combination must include at least one pager and one sensor.   Pager can be clipped to a belt, tucked away in a pocket or rested on a table and can alert the caregiver to a motion with a combination of sound, vibration, and flash.  35 different sounds and 5 volume levels allow you to set up different sounds for different sensors.  The motion sensor triggers an alert when it detects any motion within 20 feet of the sensor.  This can allow a caregiver to know if a loved one has risen from bed, is passing near a stairway, or has gone into a hallway.  Door alerts notify the caregiver anytime a specific door has been opened.  This can let you know if someone is leaving a room, or maybe even leaving the house.  Help pendants can be worn by the individual to call or page the caregiver when they are in range.  No wifi or service fees required.  Increase safety, awareness, and peace of mind for caregivers and family members.  

The Motion Alert Kit includes one motion alert and one pager with belt clip.  Up to 20 sensors can be added to one pager, and one sensor can alert multiple pagers.  Motion sensor requires one button cell battery (included); pager requires 2 AAA batteries (not included.) 

smpl Motion Sensor 

Dimensions Height 1.5"  X Diameter 1.23"
Transmitting distance Up to 250 ft. (75m) in open air; 100 - 200 ft. (30-60m) in average home
Detecting range 20 ft. (6m) x 170
Transmitting frequency 433.92MHZ ? 200KHZ
Operating voltage 3V DC
Battery type 3V CR2450 button battery (pre-installed)
Low power alert Yes
Waterproof (Yes or No) No
Rotation angle 360 degree (with mount bracket)
Working Humidity ?85%


smpl Pager

Voltage: 3V DC power,  2 AAA batteries (Not included)
Receiving distance: Up to 250 ft. (75m) in open air; 100 - 200 ft. (30-60m) in average home
Operating frequency: 433.92MHZ ? 200KHZ
Water Resistant IP55 (splashes, not direct spray or immersion)
Volume: 25-110dB



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