Reusable Full Face Shield, 5 Sets

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  • Extended Use & Reduced Cost - Use one shield up to two weeks (five to 10 uses) with proper cleaning to significantly extend the life of your face covering.
  • Set Savings - Each set includes one adjustable halo, one elastic band and five polycarbonate/polyethylene shields. Halo and elastic color may vary. Reusing each shield multiple times provides a significant cost savings to the facility.
  • Reduce Transmission - Each individual can be assigned a face shield set for extended single-user protection.
  • Cleaning - Follow your facility’s internal procedures for disinfection. We recommend soap and water and isopropanol (70%). Hydrogen peroxide is not compatible; shields cannot be autoclaved.
  • Quantity - Five sets (five halos, five elastic bands, 25 reusable shields) per package
  • Dimensions - 11"W x 8"D
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