Resistance Tubing Loop with Padded Cuffs - Black, Advanced

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  • Features a strong build that makes this resistant tubing ideal for advanced injury and ankle rehabilitation, resistance training and strength training
  • Color coded progression allows you to visually see your progression as you gain strength through physical therapy and exercise
  • Padded cuffs enhance comfort during use and features hook & loop fastening that provides a secure and individualized fit for every user
  • Designed to improve range of motion and strength of all major muscles groups through fitness, rehabilitation and conditioning
  • Made for users of all fitness levels and designed to be used for personal or shared use in clinical or private environments

    TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing with Padded Cuffs

    TheraBand Tubing with Padded Cuffs are designed to be used for upper-body and lower-body exercises, strength training, rehabilitation and conditioning. Use this lightweight and easy to store product in the clinic, on-the-go, at the gym or while you re home for therapeutic or conditioning purposes. Available in a variety of resistance levels, this resistant tubing improves strength, range of motion and overall toning of all major muscles groups.

    Unique Design and Benefits

    The TheraBand Professional Resistance Tubing with Padded Cuffs is constructed of professional-grade natural rubber latex. This tubing features a unique design that is portable, convenient and lightweight. The design of this product allows you to take your resistance tubing with you to the gym or while you travel for on-the-go rehabilitation or training. The padded cuffs add additional comfort during use and the hook & loop fasteners provide a secure fit.

    Color Progression

    The color coded progression system provides visible documentation of progress from one level to the next. At a glance you are able to track your progress and recognize improvement as it happens. As you gain strength through training and rehabilitation move to the next level of resistance to increase intensity and strength.

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