Topi-CLICK 35mL Metered Dispensers - White

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Color White
MPN 17895
Brand Health Care Logistics
Packaging 10 per package
Size 35mL

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  • Customized dispensing for topical treatments.
  • As a general rule, accuracy of material dispensed per click is within a tolerance of 10%, based upon the density of the material being dispensed.
  • One click is about .25mL, two clicks about .5mL, three clicks are about .75mL and four clicks, one complete turn around, is about 1mL.
  • The cylinder will hold 5mL to 35mL of material dependant upon the density. Dispense volumes of up to 5mL to 35mL of topical cream/gel.
  • Designed to resist accidental discharge.
  • Audible, visual and tactile click registration.
  • Promotes additional prescriptions with patient "Refill" reminder line.
  • Domed applicator pad for application without dispensing onto hands first.
  • Made of FDA medical-grade polypropylene plastic.
  • UV block in plastic protects light sensitive topicals.
  • Disposable Clear dispenser with Black, Blue, Pink or White lid.
  • 10 per package
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