Power Systems Flat Band 6 Yd. Roll - Heavy - Light Blue

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Power Systems Flat Band 6 Yd. Roll - Heavy - Light Blue

Durable latex material with varying levels of flexibility and stretch. The six and fifty yard rolls come in a dispenser box and have marks on every foot to simplify cutting the right length. Single bands are precut in four foot lengths. A resistance band can be used in as a standalone workout or as an addition to various workout programs. Lower resistance bands are great for rehabilitation. Attachment handles are sold separately. If you or your clients are sensitive to allergies, please note that this PRODUCT DOES CONTAIN LATEX.


  • Available in rolls or singles.
  • Band Width: 6"
  • Available in 3 different lengths: 4 ft., 6 yd., 50 yd.
  • Weight: 4 ft. = 1 lb., 6 yd. = 3 lbs., 50 yd. = 10 lbs.
  • Contains latex
  • Color coded by resistance
  • 6 levels of resistance: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy, Ultra Heavy

Product Specifications

  • STYLEStrength Band
  • TYPEPhysical Therapy
  • BRANDPower Systems
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